Mental Health in the Workplace

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Firstyl, Stress and Resilience Training provides your workforce with the knowledge to understand the issues employees are facing. Reward staff with Wellness Gift Boxes Staff appreciation can go a long way? Therefore, say thank you with a bespoke Wellness Gift Box.Mental health has become a prominent issue to tackle within the workplace. How to tackle it? Research shows that employers who invest in workplace health initiatives to support the health and wellbeing of their employees have the potential to see a significant return on investment. of line managers have received any training in mental The course provides employees with the knowledge to identify the symptoms of mental health issues. Therefore, equipping people to support anyone dealing with mental stress and guide them towards the appropriate professional help. Consequently, it has never been more folding treadmill important to help your managers in becoming competent, confident and compliant in dealing with mental health issues in the workplace. Did you know that? Approximately in the UK will experience a mental health problem each year. that disclosed a mental health issue face disciplinary procedures, demotion or dismissal. However, many are still suffering in silence. are comfortable talking with their manager about mental health issues compared to almost half of people in their 40s.8% vs 10. Evidence is mounting to support the needs for employers to focus on the mental health of their employees. It raises awareness of mental health and reduces the stigma surrounding mental health issues. Furthermore, Wellness Gift Boxes are perfect for transmitting the message that you are a company that cares about its people and promotes healthy living. This can demonstrate as an employer that you acknowledge hard work done by your staff. The training is an internationally recognised and accredited two-day course developed by Mental Health First Aid England. If you are looking to implement a wellness strategy into your business, please contact us on Better mental health support in the workplace can save UK businesses up to r! ?We need to improve mental health provisions in business to help those suffering from mental illnesses. Today?s young generation face an employment landscape that could damage their mental health and wellbeing unless action is taken. Bespoke Gift Boxes contain products that promote health, wellness and mindfulness, are perfect for rewarding staff. working days were lost due to work related stress, depression or anxiety in 2016/2017. Train employees to be Mental Health First Aiders Arm employees with the skills and confidence to recognise and support anyone dealing with mental stress. is the mental health equivalent of physical first aid. Provide Stress and Resilience Training Empower employees to deal with stress, change and mental health issues in the workplace. Women in full-time employment are nearly to have a common mental health problem as full-time employed men (19. For example, topics include mental health awareness, pressure and performance, stress, coping with change, and building resilience. Secondly, it helps them to tackle head on the issues and know how to respond

Therefore, it is important to not only have people trained in physical first aid but mental health first aid too. Mental health is very prevalent within the workplace with many feeling like they cannot talk about it.9 million working days were lost due to the disorder. Mental health ? less than a quarter of line managers receive any training Approximately 1 in 4 people in the UK will experience a mental health problem each year. Furthermore, the cost of mental illness to the economy is at around ?105 billion annually.9 hours a day.Workplace wellness has become a buzzword in the past couple of months or so. The Department of Health states that mental ill health is the single biggest cause of disability in the UK. If you are interested in offering wellness solutions to your workplace?OR if you wish to receive a FREE consultation on your Workplace Wellness Strategy, please email??and we will organise this for you. A ?spost the signs of mental health issues and effectively support anyone dealing with mental stress. Musculoskeletal disorders ? 17. Therefore, why not invest in a or to direct your employees towards more nutritious and healthier foods. Then ultimately, guide employees towards seeking appropriate professional help. Especially, since businesses are more aware of the benefits of employee wellness. Therefore, focus on educating your employees on the benefits of a healthy diet with a so they can make healthier choices and become more aware of the health risks of bad food habits. Businesses could save ?8 billion per year by implementing better mental wellbeing support in the workplace. Read more: Healthy lifestyle ? over 63% of adults are overweight or obese There are significant costs associated with obesity.4% of people aged 16-64 to be exact! Therefore, it is important to invest in the health and wellness of your employees. Furthermore, that ?126,000 a year is lost in productivity for an organisation of 1,000 people due to health issues such as back problems and sleep apnoea. A large portion of the population is employed, 75.8 million people live with a musculoskeletal condition In 2016/2017, 507,000 workers suffered from work-related musculoskeletal disorders. More than 27% of adults eat food from out of home food outlets at least once a week. Offering your workforce can allow employees to move more.?Incorpore strongly believe that a healthy mind comes from within a healthy body. Consequently, 8. 15% of employees that disclosed a mental health issue face disciplinary procedures, demotion or dismissal. They develop within the workplace due to inactivity as the average UK office worker sits for over 8. Musculoskeletal disorders affects muscles, joints and tendons in all parts of the body. Read to know more about how to . Every ?1 spent on workplace health initiatives results in return on investment ranging from ?2 to ?34. Research from PMI Health Group found that 34% of respondents claimed that employers have a moral responsibility to help them lead a fit and healthy lifestyle. Thus, helping to kick start their metabolism, burn calories, improve posture, sleep better, and improve concentration. This is why it is vital to offer employees solutions that allow them to move more! The health risks from excessive sitting include a higher risk of heart disease, diabetes, mental health, hernia and poor core strength

8 million people live with a musculoskeletal condition in the UK, which is around 28.9 hours a day, therefore it is vital to rectify this and offer employees solutions that allow them to move more! Sit-Stand?s mission?is to provided the best range of active working solutions at the most affordable prices. All our desking products are height-adjustable in seconds, enabling you to easily convert your work space to sit-stand. We want to get the whole world moving with our Yo-YoDesk brand. Sit-Stand.Com has been able to introduce a wide range of solutions at up to 30% below the competition, benefiting from the lower cost of operating exclusively online. We are also very proud to have established Yo-Yo Desk as the #1 best-selling brand in the UK What is the big aim of the company? To continue to expand the range of value products. What are the benefits of the products? Where do we start? ?We sit to much and we move to little.An estimated 17. The average UK office worker sits for over 8. The health benefits are well documented but you can find out all you need to know at What is your greatest success story? Each and every one of the 5000 customers who have bought from us in our first 3 years amongst them: NATO, Disney, every UK university and local council,? Liverpool FC and Stella Mc Cartney.9% of the total population. Until then most standing desks were sold as ?Disability? products which very high price tags.? Here?s a little more information about the company: Why was the business created and when? Sit-Stand.Com was the brainchild of Gavin Bradley, founding Director of the campaign and He realised that there was a need for much more affordable standing desk solutions, and in order to more office workers sitting less and moving more a better offer and service range was crucial. We will launch in the USA in Sept 2018 and from there, the rest of the world

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